IPPF celebrated its 60th anniversary in November 2012 and to mark the occasion, a global Conference, Exhibition and Celebration was held in South Africa. Over 700 delegates were invited and this was an extremely high profile international event.
In order to ensure the event gathered momentum and visibility, I was commissioned to develop a sub-brand to be positioned adjacent to the Federation's own global identity. The main aim of the brand was to unite the organisation's six regions and 150+ national affiliates.
A series of videos shot for the 60th Anniversary programme also required a confident unifying identity. I created these two mini stings blending motion graphics of the IPPF global identity with the 60th Anniversary sub brand. We spliced them onto all the event videos including introductions to in-conference plenaries, as well as the videos captured during the South Africa conference itself, as well as a series of introductory videos created in advance to promote and raise awareness across global media.

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